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Ethical production with family values

Natural styling teamed with an ethical approach. This is the key to our approach, not only in terms of the choice of materials, but also regarding our production concepts where respect and trust go hand-in-hand with independence and responsibility.

For over a century, working with premium and natural materials has been right at the heart of our business. Respecting the environment is therefore one of the key values that drive the way we see our role as a local business. This is why we pay particular attention to the ecological impact of our entire production chain.

The wood we use to produce our soles comes from the state forests of the Pays-de-la-Loire or southern Brittany. We buy it exclusively from forest management schemes certified. Committed to sustainable development, this certification helps ensure forests are renewed and maintained. Trees are only felled when mature, and a new tree is planted for each one cut down.
We also recycle all our wood waste, using it to feed the boiler that heats the workshop and dries the soles.

The premium quality leathers come from carefully selected skins. To reduce transport impacts on energy, we only work with European tanneries from bordering countries (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands), or with French tanneries wherever possible.

Atelier boucle

Atelier de coupe

Most of our leathers are vegetable-dyed and chrome-free, ensuring they retain their natural appearance and reducing the risk of allergies. We can also work with recycled skins on request.

The vegetable-dyed skins are mostly coloured using solvent-free water-based impregnation dyes.

Lasting. At the end of the production cycle, we use a traditional drying process to avoid using an ageing oven which would consume high levels of energy.

The insoles on our sandals, boots and ankle boots are made from cork covered with leather.
The outsoles are made from rubber or expanded rubber, making them lightweight, flexible and durable with excellent grip. They can also be produced using a blend of thermoplastic elastomer materials and bamboo fibres.

Local craftsman production

Entirely designed, developed and produced in our workshop in Montigné-sur-Moine in western France, our Bosabo range combines traditional workmanship with a desire to support local expertise.

Loyal to our craftsman approach, we aim to retain the family feel where trust is a key value.

Our production chain is arranged round various islands within the workshop. Each of our qualified employees works independently on all the operations specific to their role: sawing the wood, making soles, cutting the leather, preparing for stitching, stitching and assembling (attaching the leather to the sole).

This style of organisation means the work is varied and non-repetitive, so that each person is responsive and personally responsible for each task.

This is how we guarantee high quality products, day after day.

You want more information, discover our Manifesto here.