Bannière 1

Care Instructions

-  Vegetable dyed leather : shoes polish. If you have water stains on the leather, we recommend to uniformly moist the upper, let dry and polish. 

-  Others smooth leathers : shoes polish

-  Pony hair leather, old metal leather, suede leather, glitter tissue : soft brush or clean & soft cloth

-  Patent leather : damp sponge

-  Wooden sole : soapy water - with possibility shoes polish

Caution : wood is a natural material. The vein and the colour of the wood can vary depending of the tree used. Each sole becomes unique product.

We recommend strongly to pay attention to sidewalk, stairs, bike pedals... When a choc occurres with the wooden sole, a piece of the sole frequently bursts - mainly in the front of the sole.

In a damp environnment (wet grass, puddle of water), wood will absorb humidity. To dry, we recommend to leave the shoes in a dried and warm environnment - do not leave the shoes too close to a heater or in bright sunlight.