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Care Instructions

BOSABO shoes are individually handmade that means that no pair is exactly alike. Our shoes have been hand-manufactured in France in the same way for over 125 years. We use vegetable dyed leather for a large part of our collection and for the sole we use sustainable plantation timber.

With the right care your BOSABO clogs and sandals can last you for years, here's how : 

-  Vegetable dyed leather > this kind of leather will darken with time. You can use shoes polish. If you have water stains on the leather, we recommend to uniformly moist the upper, let dry and polish. 

-  Others smooth leathers > You can use shoes polish.

-  Pony hair leather, old metal leather, suede leather, glitter fabric > You can use a soft brush or a soft cloth.

-  Patent leather > You can use a damp sponge.

-  Wooden sole > You can clean with soapy water. The natural wooden base can be lightly sanded back to remove marks and dirt. It is also possible to use a wood oil or conditioner to protect the sole. 

Each pair of BOSABO shoes are unique - especially in the distinct grain of the wood used to carve the soles of the shoes. Due to the organic nature of the material, it vary in colour, texture and thickness.

BE CAREFUL with the wooden sole : Although the wood is hard and durable, it can be a fragile material if not treated right. If dropped or if you should knock into something, the wood may chip. We recommend paying attention to sidewalks, stairs, bike pedals. We do not offer replacements or refunds for chipped clogs unless there is a clear fault with the product.

In a damp environnment (wet grass, puddle of water), wood will absorb humidity. To dry, we recommend to leave the shoes in a dried and warm environnment - do not leave the shoes too close to a heater or in bright sunlight.